Friday August 19th, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Gates and Tech Open
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
1st Qualifying Session
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
2nd Qualifying Session
Saturday August 20th, 2022
8:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Pit Gate & Tech Open
11:00 AM
Spectator Gate Open
2:00 PM
3rd Qualifying Session
6:00 PM
Eliminations Begin


Quick Performance World Fuel Altered Nationals Rules and Regulations



  • 150" maximum wheelbase, center steer chassis.
  • Nostalgia Nitro Coupes running at least 50% nitro with left hand steer will be allowed with approval of race promoter Scott Gaulter and race track owner Gerald Kramer.
  • $100 pre-entry fee to include 6 crew passes.
  • Nostalgia Nitro Funny car will not be allowed as there are 2 other events that they can be a part of at ERP.
  • Dual magnetos allowed
  • Roots type supercharger (no screw blowers) or Injected Nitro
  • Current IHRA or NHRA Advanced ET chassis certification
  • Driver must have current IHRA or NHRA license - Advanced ET or Special Fuel for cars quicker than 4.50
  • Alcohol and/or nitro methane fuel
  • Up to date blower restraints and seat belts
  • Engine diaper mandatory
  • Crossing the center line or contacting the guard rail is automatic loss of round or qualifying pass.
  • Red light start is automatic loss of round. Red light does not count in qualifying.
  • Ladders will be set as Sportsman - #1 runs #5, #2 runs #6, #3 runs #7, #4 runs #8
  • Lane choice for 1st round eliminations is quicker qualifying E.T. and the quickest previous round going forward.


Payout Information

A Class - qualify 8 cars

1st round loser = $1000.00

2nd round loser = $2000.00

Runner up = $3500.00

Winner = $5000.00

Total A Class Purse = $16,500.00

$250.00 bonus for any A field car making both qualifying runs


B Class - qualify 8 cars

1st round loser = $500.00

2nd round loser = $750.00

Runner up = $1000.00

Winner = $2000.00

Total B Class Purse = $6500.00


C Class - qualify 8 cars (if 24 or more total entries at the event)

1st round loser = $100.00

2nd round loser = $250.00

Runner up = $500.00

Winner = $1000.00

Total C Class Purse = $2400.00



$500.00 bonus for A Class cars running 85% or more nitro

$250.00 bonus for B Class cars running 85% or more nitro


$100 entry for driver and 5 crew members. Teams must contact Gerald Kramer at 641-780-3534 prior to the event with their car info to assist with promotion and rig length for parking. $100 entry fee + gate price for each crew member for teams that attend without prior announcement.


We will have some cash and product contingency awards available for the participants of this event.


Both qualifying sessions are not mandatory. We expect that all cars will make the 1st session qualifying run as the track expects spectator attendance Friday Night.



At the end of the qualifying sessions, if an A Class car cannot make first round they will be awarded 1/2 pay for first round ($500) and an alternate car from the B Class will be offered their position. Ladder will not be adjusted - alternate car will replace the broken car. This offer will begin with the #9 position car (1st qualifier in B Class) and be extended to lower qualified cars if the first alternate wants to stay in the B Class. Alternate car will receive 1/2 pay ($500) for round one and full round pay should they advance. The B Class ladder will be set after an alternate has been inserted into the A Class.


During eliminations if a car cannot make the call then their opponent will have a competition bye run. The race director may ask the quickest loser from the previous round to participate in this round as a "Match Race" entry to provide a good show for the fans, but will not be allowed to advance. All cars need to stage and break the starting line beams to receive round pay. Failure to stage and break the beams (if you are shut off on the line, do a burnout only, etc.) will result in 1/2 pay for the round.


Intentional and/or deliberate reduction in performance may result in a penalty. The penalty (reduced payout) is at the sole discretion of the race director.


Friday $15.00 - Saturday $30.00
(All tickets include Pit Pass.)

Eddyville Raceway
3260 Merino Ave
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
Track Manager:
Gerald Kramer
Event Promoter:
Gerald Kramer
Super 8
306 South 17th Street
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
Everspring Inn & Suites
2401 A Ave West
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577